David Guetta New Album

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David Guetta New Album

know when to release his new album??

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In France it is august 29th. I don't know if this date is worldwild or just for France.


I believe it is 30th in USA and like you say 29th in France
Like his previous album

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long time is left:(
ok man thanks:)

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new album nice song's Smile

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Disc #1
1. Where Them Girls At (featuring Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida)
2. Little Bad Girl (featuring Taio Cruz & Ludacris)
3. Turn Me On (featuring Nicki Minaj)
4. Sweat (Snoop Dogg vs. David Guetta)
5. Without U (featuring Usher)
6. Nothing Really Matters (featuring will.i.am)
7. I Can Only Imagine (featuring Chris Brown & Lil Wayne)
8. Crank It Up (featuring Akon)
9. I Just Wanna F*ck (featuring Timbaland & Dev)
10. Night Of Your Life (featuring Jennifer Hudson)
11. Repeat (featuring Jessie J )
12. Titanium (featuring Sia)

Disc #2
1. The Alphabet
2. Lunar (David Guetta & Afrojack)
3. Sunshine (David Guetta & Avicii)
4. Little Bad Girl (Instrumental Version)
5. Metro Music
6. Toy Story
7. The Future
8. Dreams
9. Paris
10. Glasgow

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this is the real tracklist? then no more song come for this album? (i said for this album... i mean, little bad girl is the last song?)

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any Informations about an "DJ Friendly" Nothing but the Beat Album ?? like his last Album

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what about "Emergency"?



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Emergency was just a demo, an essay, the real track with this instrumental part is Crank It Up with Akon Wink

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ty Smile
if anyone has the Emergency lyrics?

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is david guetta gone a bit techno-dubstep or smth? this album is so different from his previous ones!
it's got more... beat? xD awesome all the way!

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I would love to check out David's new album. I've heard a lot of great things about it. David is one of my favorite musicians and he has the best music, I can't wait to here his album.