David Guetta Tour 2013/2014

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David Guetta Tour 2013/2014

Hi Guys!!!

So, does anyone know if David Guetta comes to Brazil (Brasilia) in this year? I saw in the web que he comes in January / 2014? Carries this information?



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We don't have any official info yet.
Every confirmed info will be on davidguetta.com main page, tour section.


David Guetta has apparently confirmed to Rock in Rio 2013 on the 13th September, but it's not on his tour section. I am wondering if he will be doing any other shows while he is in Brazil, possibly in São Paulo???

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I did see in a website, that David Guetta, comes to Brazil again in January 2014!! Cities: São Paulo, Brasilia, Teresina, Recife, Aracaju, Belo Horizonte, Goiânia...... Official informations of advice. So, let´s wait for this!

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I think that on this website isn't each concert announced. I already bought ticktes for 3rd October FMIF@Pacha Ibiza. This date is not annouced here. There is a free concert in Berlin/Germany on 8th September which also isn't announced here. I read in the Internet that there will be an Australia Tour by the end of November and the beginning of December. Unfortunatly all those dates are not announced here Sad

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