TOP BI now is in LONDON

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TOP BI now is in LONDON

My name is Dariusz ,I'm from East London people know me as a TOP BI in the world .
My story started 1 year ago on Ibiza, was some song about me but I didn't know that , after that I'm come back to London and people started to talk about it , and a strange thing began to act I started to have uncontrolled moves ,it turned out that someone doing this to me remotely .I don't know how it works , but someone communicate with me as well as several people , probably it work so the that each person has their own frequency and generates its magnetic field, and this person must have a device through which to communicate with me.Then I began to travel in Europe for a year , now I'm in London, Now again, this person began to communicate with me I know this person has to name Mirek but I never seen him.From 6 weeks I feel tortured remotely by him , I feels physical and mental pain, I feel pain in my head like somebody stabbed me knives .About 4 weeks ago I made myself magnetic resonance imaging MRI of my head because I thought that I have some damage, so strong it was pain, but fortunately everything is ok.
Since 1 year time I have an anonymous sponsor who gave me 2 million pounds and Mirek should send me the money but so far haven't got this money . I showed up in a few places with flag because I wants to find an anonymous sponsor and show him someone hurting me ,and the sponsor doesn't know about this. I wrote on the flag " MIREK FROM CONTROL TORTURING TOP BI REMOTELY "

Kind regards