FMIF london - Track(remix) IDs

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FMIF london - Track(remix) IDs

Guetta played two tracks which I know the name of, but want to know the particular remix-

Depeche mode - Just Can't Get Enough
U2 - vertigo


PS Please bring FMIF back to London!

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Vertigo is been remixed by the Only mix that i know of this song...

I Just Can't Get Enough is been restyled in 2005 but I don't know the name of the remixer because is a white label...

i hope to give you an help...


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You can be sure that it was :
:arrow: U2 - Vertigo (Benny Benassi Remix)
This remix is a bomb! But, unfortunately, it will never be out. :cry:

For the Depeche Mode remix, i have no idea.

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Sometimes David plays the original tracks... Wink

Dj Aroy
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sure for the benassi, but i have never heard it ..;how it was? Wink

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really good, those two were probably the tunes of the night for me.